X Rite Color Checker Passport Charte

X Rite Color Checker Passport Charte - Passport Photo 2 – even more color control. X-Rite created the industry-standard ColorChecker Passport 10 years ago. With this new and even more powerful version, you can capture and create more perfectly than ever.. The X-Rite ColorChecker charts are a nice addition to your kit bag, particularly the ColorChecker Passport Video due to its small size. They do come at a cost though, with the ColorChecker Passport Video retailing at $128.99US , and the larger X-Rite ColorChecker Video at $118.99US.. X-Rite ColorChecker su cartoncino bianco è compreso anche nel box X-Rite ColorChecker passport photo, insieme ad altre due chart, per la calibrazione del profilo colore direttamente sulla fotocamera..

Get true and consistent color in your photos and videos with tools for shooting, editing and printing. Browse our color management products and find your solution today.. +New color specifications for ColorChecker SG and Classic Charts. The color formulations for the ColorChecker SG and ColorChecker Classic (24 Patches) needed to be changed for regulatory and compliance reasons.. Bien connu des photographes, l’ensemble de chartes ColorChecker Passport passe en version 2, incluant au passage une charte de gris 18 % et une mise à jour importante de son logiciel. Les chartes ColorChecker accompagnent les photographes depuis bien avant l’ère du numérique..

Most folks will be perfectly satisfied with the basic X-Rite MSCCPP ColorChecker Passport, which includes a pocket sized ColorChecker, two other targets as well as software. That is clearly a better deal. In any case, whatever you use, get your color under control for. La ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 adopte une charte de gris 18%, référence standard, pour un ajustement prècis de l’exposition et de la balance de gris.. Scanner Profiling: Create custom ICC scanner profiles with X-Rite’s i1Studio or i1Profiler software (sold separately) Other industry applications With more color science experience than anyone in the industry, the Color Checker Classic was truly created by Color Perfectionists for Color Perfectionists..

X-Rite has released an update for its ColorChecker Passport software that adds a few new features to help get the most accurate colors possible in your photography workflow..

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